Monday, January 23, 2012

Interview w/ Mouaze Konate,,Paris,France

The master On2 and Chachacha! Mouaze Konaté is one of the most popular names in the salsa world with a very good reputation when it comes to his educational way of teaching salsa. His passion for the music and the dance is expressed when social dancing as well as in his always interesting and dramatic shows.

Before salsa Mouaze was engaged in the martial art of karate for several years. He was a part of many competitions and also taught the sport for 5 years. When he started to dance salsa 15 years ago, he touched upon every style: Cuban, Palladium, LA and finally On2, which has won his heart.
Today Mouaze is the Master On2 in France, especially in Paris, where also Chachacha has become his top favorite to both teach and dance.


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